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We provide reliable and affordable tree service in Kingsport, Johnson City  and Bristol. Evergreen Tree Service is a friendly family run, reliable and above all professional organization working in the field of arboriculture. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and experience, which is why our team of qualified tree surgeons and consultancy staff are always on hand to offer educated advice and guidance.

Our Services

We have been in the business for years helping clients keep their trees beautiful and healthy. Whatever your tree care needs are we will provide you with the most professional experienced arborists who are also certified. We take on all sizes of jobs whether it is residential or commercial. 

Our crews take great pride in making sure you are totally satisfied with our work. Our skilled crews always provide top-quality work from the initial cut to the final cleanup. We provide the best quality tree service in Kingsport, Johnson city and Bristol, Tennessee.


Whether you have a dead tree, or one that poses a safety issue or a crowding situation with other plants and trees, we can come in and remove them.


Stump grinding is the most common method and preferred by most of our clients. It limits the extent of the site disturbance and impact.


Overgrowth trees? Correct trimming should be just outside the branch collar containing trunk or parent branch tissue and should not be damaged or removed.


We are on call anytime day or night to lend a hand with the situation, whether it is due to storm damages or falling trees for other reasons.


At Evergreen Tree Service, we provide an efficient and safe removal service of all brush. We will pick up yards, residential and commercial customers and brush all debris.


If you have a situation due to tree failure, blockage of driveways, roads etc pleas our main concern is to keep your family safe.

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Your Hometown Tree Services Provider

We are an affordable full service tree care company qualified and trained to take care of your tree service needs. We offer the following services – tree removal, tree trimming, brush removal, stump grinding and removal, tree relocation, topping, shaping, chipping, power line cleaning. We also dispatch crews out to assist with emergency situations which could be hazardous due to tropical storms, falling trees or branches or limbs needing to be cleared to keep the community safe.

Our pruning methods will improve the health and safety of your trees and find the issues with preservation in mind, determine the treatments and solve any problems. 


Evergreen Tree Service over 15 years of experience being tree pruners and commercial landscapers. What we have learned over time is to ensure quality service. 

We make our customers our number one priority and ensure that we not only meet your expectations but surpass them on each and every job. If you are interested in any of our lawn care or tree services, please don’t delay and call Evergreen Tree Service today. 

Evergreen Tree Service is a young and competitive company run by tree care and arborist experts in Kingsport, Johnson city and Bristol, Tennessee and the surrounding areas. 

We focus not only on the beautification of your yard or property but also the health of your landscape. We want to make sure that your property or home is exactly the way you want. 

We also provide a 24-hour emergency service if a hazardous storm has caused damage and would be happy to help you in your time of need.


When pruning live tree branches, the cuts should only be to branch tissue while avoiding cutting or damaging the stem tissue. 
This can be a delicate process, a bit like an art form, but once achieved, this helps ensure a healthy tree. Why? Because the pruning “wound” will heal much better and the chance of wood decay is reduced if the stem tissue is not damaged. 

Cuts should be made at the point where the branches touch the stem, but not any deeper. Live limbs have what is known as a “collar” which can normally be seen on the underside of the branch. The collar is a small ring-like protrusion that is generally easily visible. 

Also, on the top side of the branch is the “branch bark ridge” which runs parallel to the collar. A safe pruning cut avoids damaging either the collar or the branch bark ridge. 

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I called Evergreen Tree Service around 1230pm on Friday evening to come move 2 big used turf rolls from the backyard. They came after they were done with their day's jobs to help with our last-minute request (on a Friday night mind you!). The task at hand was no easy task because the rolls were filled with sand and dirt which made them about 1,000 pounds each. They worked from about 530pm to 830pm and helped my husband unroll the rolls using rope and a lot of other hard work. They got the job completed. These are the guys you want working for you. You guys are amazing!
Daniel B.
Homeowner in Kingsport
Great professional team. I scheduled an appointment and the crew came on time as promised. I needed them to reduce the peach trees in my garden and did an excellent job. They knew what to cut or not cut for the trees to recover from the trauma of the reduction. Very impressed with the work and crew`s efficiency. Perfect reduction on our fruit trees with great understanding of their future development. The garden was left spotless and clean at the end. Will definitely invite them back in a few years time cause they will do the work and do it well. We can't thank this crew enough!
Carlos R.
Homeowner in Johnson city
I recently bought a house from an elderly gentleman who hadn’t been able to maintain the garden for the last couple of years. It was a jungle, mostly mature shrubs, damaged fruit trees, some particularly invasive ivy and so on. There were several trees we thought were too far gone to save but the guys from Evergreen tree service convinced us to keep them and just have them trimmed properly. After cleaning up from the tree removal, I asked some advice about the rest of my backyard and decided to take up their suggestion to remove several shrubs. The crew did a sterling job in a remarkably short time.
Anna W.
Homebuyer in Johnson City
affordable tree service

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Frequently Tree Service Asked Questions

There are several factors we need to consider when removing trees with the most important being safety for our staff and your property. Aside from the traditional method of using ropes and pulleys we use cranes, cherry pickers and in very rare instances helicopters. Our consultant will work out the best solution for your site and discuss this with you.

First I think it’s important to establish what a dead tree is. When we say “dead tree”, we’re definitely talking about trees that have completely died. They have no leaves on them and have been clearly dead for more than six months.Dead trees are dangerous to keep and should be removed by a certified arborist as soon as possible. Dead trees are not as structurally sound as live trees as the root system anchoring them to the ground has started to decay.Getting a dead tree removed in a timely manner will significantly red

If a tree falls down in your yard due to extreme weather, you will want to make sure that you keep your family members safe from harm. Rather than walking over to inspect the tree right away, you will want to check to make sure that there were no injuries during the incident. Once you have made sure that everyone around your house is safe from harm, you will be ready to call your arborist.

In the event that you start to notice that a tree is on the verge of collapsing, you will want to act quickly to schedule emergency removal services. Waiting to remove a structurally unsound tree could create a significant safety hazard on your property. By acting fast to remove your damaged tree, you can prevent the tree from collapsing on your roofline or other parts of your property. A team of arborists can provide you with 24/7 emergency tree removal services, so you will not have to wait to get the job done.

An experienced tree service company has all the needed equipment and tools to get all sorts of tree service done efficiently and as quickly as possible. If a crane is necessary, they should be able to provide it too. Ask if their equipment is OSHA-certified. Aside from the actual equipment to be used in doing the job, do they also provide their workers with the proper protective gears like hard hats, gloves, vests, and earplugs? What’s the state of the truck? All these things will give you an idea of what kind of a company you are dealing with. So, ask and don’t choose a tree service company in a haste.

Light pruning to remove a few small branches of trees can be done at any time of year. More extensive pruning should be done in late winter to early spring. There are three advantages to pruning at this time of the year. First, wound closure is most rapid if it’s done just prior to when new shoots emerge. Second, there are few insects and disease spores to infest pruning cuts. 

Third, deciduous trees have dropped their leaves, so it’s easier to see what you’re pruning! Trees such as elm, maple, walnut and birch are “bleeders” when pruned in late winter to early spring. This oozing sap is annoying when it drips on cars and sidewalks. There is disagreement as to whether the oozing is harmful to trees. It is thought that oozing might interfere with the closure of pruning cuts. Oozing is reduced if these tree species are pruned in the fall. However, fall is probably the least desirable time of year to prune most trees. Pruning cuts close more slowly in the fall than in any of the other seasons.